EARC Rules and Regulations


Dates of operation:

The pool and facilities of EARC will open for the 2018 season on Saturday, May 26, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. and will close at the end of the business day on Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2018.

2. Hours of operation:
The pool and facilities of the EARC will open each day at 10:30 a.m. and will close at 7:30 p.m. except on certain late nights (when possible), when the facility will close at 9:00 p.m. Sundays the EARC will open at 1:00 p.m. During school days (following the Buncombe County School schedule), the EARC will open at 4 p.m., or as posted. Please see our website for more details at http://www.earcpool.com

3. Board Members:
Michael Goforth – President

Brian Yanik – Vice President

Cori Doble – Treasurer

Rebecca Crandall – Secretary

Sarah Harris

Sallie Porter

4. Pool Manager:
Manger: TBA
Head Guard: TBA

5. Our Mutual Responsibilities:
The EARC is committed to providing you and your family with a safe, healthy environment for fun and recreation. The Club takes responsibility for the facility, grounds, management, life guarding services, and concession staff. We ask you, our members, to take your responsibilities seriously too. We ask that small children be properly supervised at all times and that the older children avoid rough housing in or around the pool area and in the vicinity of small children. Please be advised that our lifeguards are not babysitters. Please help us keep our pool and building clean for everyone’s enjoyment. Our members are all “family” here at EARC and if we look out for one another and take pride in our Pool, we will all have a wonderful, safe summer.

6. Admission:
All users of EARC, including Initiated Members, Associate Members and guests must check in with the on-duty staff member at the entry gate. Should an EARC user enter the facility at the lower parking lot gate, please make sure your first stop is at the main entry gate for check in. Not only will this cut down on unauthorized use of EARC, but the daily attendance figures are important to determine the daily staffing needs of EARC.

7. A. General rules:
a. No alcoholic beverages allowed during regular operating hours.
b. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests.
c. No pushing or throwing people in the pool.
d. No rough or boisterous conduct.
e. No running in or around the pool deck and club building.
f. No eating or drinking in the pool.
g. No smoking on the grounds of EARC
h. No imitating a drowning person.
i. No glass or other breakable objects inside the gate.
j. No pulling or hanging on the rope.
k. No unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards while on duty.
l. Children 13 years old and older may be left without adult supervision if they have passed Level III swimming or the equivalent and if their parents have completed the required form. Parents must come to the front desk to sign in children who will be left unsupervised and must provide updated emergency numbers for that day.
m.Persons unable to demonstrate to the guards their ability to swim are not permitted in water over their head.
n. No pushing or shoving around the slide.
o. Only one person on the slide at a time.
p. No jumping or diving off the sides of the slide.
q. Swimmer must clear slide discharge area before next swimmer climbs ladder.
r. Only inflatable beach and sponge “nerf” type balls are allowed in the pool.
s. No water pistols, super soakers, etc. are allowed as by-standers have often been hit with spray while reading books and “minding their own business”.
t. No diving into the shallow end.
u. No back flips
v. Club employees are to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times. This includes the manager, the lifeguards, and concession staff. Arguments and/or abusive language will not be tolerated.
w. The manager or lifeguards, at their discretion, may ask that fun noodles, floats, and other pool toys not be used in the pool when conditions are crowded.
x. Only children ages 8 and younger may play on the little tykes play equipment. We ask that parents supervise their children in this area to avoid injury. No food or drink is allowed on the play equipment.
y. During adult lap swim, it may be necessary to limit swimmers in the shallow end to those 8 years and under.

8. Consequences of misbehavior and violations of general rules:
a. First Offense: verbal warning given by lifeguard on duty or manager.
b. Second Offense: verbal warning and possible suspension from pool, not to exceed 48 hours. Members and/or parents will be verbally notified of any such suspension and possible consequences of further misbehavior.
c. Third Offense: verbal warning and suspension from the pool and the grounds for not less than 48 hours and up to a maximum of the remainder of the pool season. Parents will be notified verbally and in writing of any such suspension.

The length and severity of suspension in swimming pool rights will necessarily depend on the seriousness of the misbehavior or violation. Any lifeguard on duty or the manager shall have the immediate authority to initiate a suspension. The manager and/or Board of
Directors shall review all disciplinary suspensions and only the Manager and/or Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend a member for any length of time over 48 hours, up to, and including the remainder of the swimming season. No refunds of membership dues will result from a suspension for misbehavior.

9. Party rules and scheduling procedure:
A. Regular hour’s parties: (Parties are limited to 2 hours)
1. Rates: $65.00 Maximum number of people: 15 non-member swimmers.
2. Parties of 15 non-member swimmers or less may be held during regular hours, with the approval of the pool manager.
3. There may NOT be more than one party scheduled at a time during regular hours.
4. All party dates, times, and sizes must be approved by the pool manager so that appropriate staff can be scheduled.
5. Parties should be scheduled at least 1 week prior to the desired day using the party reservation form.
6. All parties must be hosted by a member who must be in attendance for the duration of the party.
7. Extra hours may be added to a party at the discretion of the pool manager and involve an extra fee: 2 additional hours are $45.00.
8. Members may attend regular hour’s parties without charge, but there is a minimum  fee regardless of the number of members in attendance at a party.
9. Parties that are attended by members only still are required to pay a party fee to cover the use of the shelter, extra staff, etc. that may be needed. The facilities MAY NOT be used for a party without paying the appropriate fee. Grill rental is available for $5.

B. After hours: After hours parties may not begin until 8 PM. (Parties are limited to 2 hours)
1. Rates: $185.00
2. Parties of more than 15 persons (not to exceed 40 people) may only be held as private, after-hours parties.
3. All party dates, times, and sizes must be approved by the pool manager so that appropriate staff can be scheduled.
4. Parties should be scheduled at least 1 week prior to the desired day using the party reservation form.
5. Members must pay to attend after hours parties and are included in the number in attendance.
6. After hours parties that are attended by members only are required to pay the appropriate party fee to cover the use of the facilities. The grill may be rented for $5.

10. Membership:
Memberships shared between 2 families are NOT available.
A family shall be defined as 2 adults (the membership holder and the spouse or domestic partner) who reside in the same household and their dependant children. These include step-children, foster children, and other children that depend upon the holder for support and have with the holder a regular parent-child relationship. All children must
under the age of 21.

11. Babysitters:
A non-member babysitting (grandparents, paid babysitter, etc.) can bring members’ children to the Club and have full use of the facilities, free of charge. The member is required to notify the Club of such arrangements if they are to be on a regular basis (i.e. someone babysitting daily while the parents are at work). Said babysitter may NOT bring non-member children or use the Club on their own. Babysitters that are not members must pay guest fees if in attendance at the Club along with the parents. Members babysitting for non-member children may bring those children as guests and
all guest rules apply (i.e. 7-visit limit and $10.00 guest fee). Babysitters must be at least 16 years of age.  ***Childcare providers listed on a member account are NOT members of EARC, and may not use the EARC Pool without a member present.

12. Guests:
All guests must sign the guest list and pay a guest fee of $10.00 per visit (if swimming). Non-swimming guests may come for free.
Guest fees apply to everyone 4 year old and older. Guest must be ready to show their driver’s license and have a photo taken. Guests who are residents of Buncombe County are limited to 7 visits per season (tennis and swim visits are not counted separately). Records are kept of visits and guests are informed when they have
reached their sixth visit. They will not be allowed to swim or play tennis after their seventh visit. Guests are subject to all rules and regulations and members are responsible for the actions of their guests. See tennis regulations for rules regarding the use of tennis
courts by guests and the fees applied.

Members who have house guests that are NOT residents of Buncombe County and that are staying in the member’s home may bring
their guests as if they were family members (i.e. No guest fee and unlimited visits). Members must accompany their guests. Guests will not be allowed entry into the pool unless the member is present at check in.

13. Swim and Tennis lessons:

Swim lesson (sign-up) will be coordinated by the pool manager and assigned staff. The cost of lessons is $40 for the first child, $35 for each additional child within the same household/family. Please see the Swim Lessons tab for more details.

There are no free lessons. EARC does not guarantee the
availability of swim lessons for all members and no refund of dues shall be made if swim lessons are not available to individual members.

14. Dues:

Full payment of dues is required PRIOR to the first day of attendance at the Club.

(At a Special Meeting held January 22, 2009, EARC Stock Members voted to eliminate all EARC Stock. This was done to bring EARC into compliance with North Carolina General Statutes. Thus, there is no stock to be redeemed or sold. All previous stockholders are now “Initiated Members”.)

15.  Other facilities:

These are for the use of members and their paying guests ONLY. Others will be asked to leave the club grounds.
Playground Structure: This equipment is designed to be used by children 8 years old and younger. Please help us keep older children off this structure so that our younger members can enjoy it safely. No food or drink is allowed on the play equipment. No horse play on or around the play equipment.

NOTE: If a piece of equipment is checked out in a member’s name and the equipment is then lost or not returned, or damaged beyond that occurring with normal use, the member will be charged a replacement charge for the piece of equipment.

16. Tennis Courts:

A. Use of the tennis courts:
Tennis shoes only–no baseball cleats, no black bottomed shoes, etc. Failure to wear proper shoes may result in suspension from the court for a minimum of 36 hours.
Proper tennis attire must be worn on the tennis courts.
No cut-offs of any kind
No swim suits
Proper tennis etiquette must be observed at all times.
No running through or around courts
No loud, abusive, or profane language
No racquet throwing
No indiscriminate hitting of tennis balls
Tennis balls only on court
No sitting on the nets
No chairs inside the fence around the courts
No glass containers of any kind
No food allowed on tennis courts.
Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
B. Reservation of Courts:
1. All members who have reserved courts must check in at the front desk before going to the courts.
2. Courts may be reserved for a maximum of ONE hour. Longer court times may be available during the early morning hours and later afternoon hours.
3. If a member wishes to play without reservations, he/she must first check at the front desk to verify that a court is available and for how long.
4. Reservations that have not shown-up (or notified the front desk of tardiness) by 15 minutes after the reservation time, may lose their court if others have requested court time.
5. Reservations may be made for only 1 court time per day.

C. Fees for court use:
All EARC Members pay no fees. Non-members may purchase a tennis-only membership for $100/summer, which includes 2 visits to the pool.
Guests must play with a member. Their fee is $10.00 per person per court time and includes the use of the pool.
Guests must register at the front desk.
Failure to register guests will result in a fine of 2 times the guest fee ($20.00).
Guests may play tennis/enjoy the pool 7 times per season. Pool visits and tennis visits are not counted as separate visits.

D. Penalties:
Persons found using courts without registering and paying fees will be banned from the tennis courts for a minimum of 36 hours.
Persons using courts, but not following established rules will be banned from the courts for a minimum of 36 hours.
Courts are for TENNIS USE ONLY. Any other use will result in person(s)
being banned from the courts for a minimum of 36 hours.
Repeated rules violations will result in harsher penalties as deemed appropriate by the EARC Board of Directors, and may include loss of membership (no dues refunded).

17. Concessions:
As we have in the past, we are offering soft drinks and snacks at the front desk. Food items will include chips, candy, hotdogs, etc. NOTE: Members are not allowed to store food brought from home in the refrigerator or freezer or use concession area equipment to cook food brought from home. Exceptions may be made for parties if
there is space available in the refrigerator or freezer.

18. Parking:
Please be aware that we have a handicap parking space located on the lower parking lot beside the building. This space is to be used only by members or guests that require handicap parking. Anyone parking in this space illegally, can be towed or can be fined the maximum amount in accordance with current N.C. State laws.

The lower parking lot is also reserved for families with children in strollers, and for staff.

We ask that you do not park on the side of the entrance road where the signs are posted. There have been times in the past when cars could not get up the driveway when vehicles are parked on both sides of our entrance drive.

19. Communications:
A. Front desk: Ask at the front desk for information and watch for the posters advertising upcoming events. Be sure to sign up for events that you are interested in attending.
B. Website: We have a great website that is full of information. That address is www.earcpool.com. We will post the bulk of our advertising and information on the website.
Email: Email addresses that have been included on member’s application forms will be added to our email communication list.

The EARC phone number is (828) 298-2461. The phone is located at the front desk. Private calls are discouraged and are limited to 3 minutes in length. No long distance calls are permitted. The Staff may ask you to hang up if the phone is needed for pool business.

20. Weather:
In the event of thunder and/or lightening, the staff will ask everyone to vacate the pool. No one will be allowed back into the pool FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES after thunder is heard. The staff will continue monitoring the weather situation and will allow swimming when thunder and/or lightening has passed. The pool will only close for the
day due to an unrelenting storm. The guards on duty will have the final say as to when swimmers may return to the pool. Arguments and/or abusive language will NOT be tolerated.

21. Swim and Disposable diapers:
Please do not put babies into the pool with disposable diapers. The gel in these diapers clogs the filters. It is required that all children three and under, or children who are not potty trained, must wear swim diapers. These are available at the front desk in a variety of sizes for $5/piece. Members who do not comply to this rule will either, a) be asked to purchase a diaper at the concession stand or, b) be asked to leave the pool.

22. Accidents in pool:
Parents, please be considerate when you visit the pool with your small children. The EARC staff does not want to close the pool, and the members do not want to leave the pool because of a bathroom mishap. One accident can ruin everyone’s visit for up to a full day. In the event of a bathroom mishap, or if we incur an accident that involves bleeding in the pool, EARC may have to close the pool for cleaning and chemical adjustment. An accident could possibly close the pool for up to 8 hours, depending on the severity of the accident. Should a member or guest have a bowel movement in the
pool, they will be asked to leave the pool for the day, assessed a $200 fee to cover the cost of chemicals, and will not be allowed to return to the pool until the fee is paid. Safety of our members and guests is our first priority. Small children MUST wear swim diapers.

23. Our wonderful pool staff:
We are proud of our staff and their connections to our community and Club. We have asked them to treat all members and their guests courteously and we ask our members to do the same. Please remember our staff is rendering an important service by helping to
keep our children and adults safe. They appreciate your support, encouragement, and appreciation as they do their jobs.