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Mask Mandate Lifted

As of May 14th, 2021 there is no longer an indoor mask mandate in NC. As mentioned in the post below the outdoor mask mandate had been lifted some time ago as well. Of course, anyone who wishes to wear a mask may, there is just no longer a requirement from the health department to do so.

Update to Relaxation of Capacity Mandates

The most recent executive order from Governor Cooper has eased back restrictions to allow 100% capacity for outdoor swimming pools. This translates into NO COVID related changes to operations beyond the requirement to wear a mask when inside the pool house. Again there is no longer a capacity requirement to utilize time slots/sign up system for entry to the pool this summer.

Our only caveat is not to have either parties or guests over the opening Memorial Day Weekend Holiday as this is normally an extremely busy time and is expected to be even more so after being closed last season.

This section has been updated over the course of the Spring as COVID-related information has changed.

Relaxing COVID Restrictions

State of NC lifted capacity restrictions on outdoor pools today (3/23/2020) to 100% capacity but with keeping both mask and 6 foot social distancing requirements. The new rules are only in effect until April 30th upon which time they will be reevaluated.

We are checking with our local county health department liaison to verify what this means for our pool as our earlier capacity limits were based upon capacity equivalents directly related to the square footage of our pool surface area. Regardless, this is a step in the right direction toward a more normal summer experience.

The previous post detailing time slots and sign ups should be thought of as our baseline (most restrictive) mode of operation. Depending upon the level of capacity increases, the need for sign up slots would decrease to just on weekends & holidays or go away altogether. This would also allow for possibility of daytime parties and guest admission.

As is always the case, if rates of transmission increases in NC, the capacity restrictions could be reinstated/strengthened as well.

Mid-March 2021 Update

A letter is going out March 20th, 2021 to past members via email covering our opening plans for the 2021 season.

It may take a couple of days for all messages to arrive. If you do not receive this and should have please contact us so we might update our email list/determine what might have happened.

A copy of the email can be read here as well

2021 Season Update

A letter went out February 1st and 2nd, 2021 to past members via email covering the 2021 season and our opening plans.

It may take a couple of days for all messages to arrive. If you did not receive this and should have please contact us so we might update our email list/determine what might have happened.

A copy of the email can be read here as well

Final Refunds Processed Over Weekend

Thank you to those who decided to hold their membership fees over until 2021!

If you did not request this option, your 2020 fees have been processed through PayPal (you should start seeing a ‘pending transfer’ in your account). It takes as little as 3 and up to 8 days for the e-checks to clear with people’s banks, cards, and PayPal accounts.

Payments over 180 days old or those made with a now expired card could not be electronically refunded and are having paper checks mailed out instead over this week.

Be on the lookout for your funds and see you next year.

No change In Late Opening Date of June 27th

We are aware of the Governor’s updated 50% allowance for pools. However, this does not change our planned late opening of June 27th.

As we are primarily a play/recreation style pool (and not primarily a lap/exercise class style facility) we would be operating at a higher loss at 50% capacity than by waiting to open at full capacity based upon our stated Health Department capacity.

This loss is further compounded once you read the fine print of the Governor’s order concerning continued social distancing, mask wearing even while around the pool, and NCDHHS/CDC sanitizing guidance.

Please note, that both the most recent executive order’s 5 week length time-frame announced Wednesday as well as our local Parks and Rec’s just announced planned late opening of at least July 1st closely aligns with EARC’s forecasted June 27th planned late opening.

Coronavirus Update

Implications of this pandemic upon our operations this summer are in flux. We will keep you informed of any possible changes as the season approaches and share any needed adjustments before opening for the season giving you an opportunity to back out/reconsider if substantial changes to operations are indicated/mandated.