Frequently Asked Questions

This will be updated throughout the season and year to year as questions arise.

 FAQ Ordered by Latest Asked First:

— I heard the pool is a non-profit.  What kind?  Are my fees tax deductible?

The pool is incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(7) social/recreation club.  The main difference between this recreational type and a ‘standard’ nonprofit you’re more familiar with is that if EARC were to ever fold or be liquidated any surplus/profit would be split among the membership.  Whereas a standard non-profit’s resources are transferred to other nonprofits. 

The other major difference is your fees paid to EARC aren’t tax deductible owing to being directly compensated later if the nonprofit were to fold.  In essence you can think of the pool as a type of co-op or similar to what would occur if a group of neighbors whose property all joined together each decided to donate a portion of their adjoining land to create a shared pool between all their families.

— Can I rent a grill?

Yes you may.  Grills have always been available for a $5 additional fee whenever you may schedule a daytime party but if you want to rent a grill one afternoon for a mini-cookout in the grass with your family that can also be done (based upon availability due to scheduled parties) for the same $5 fee.

— What are your adult (18 & over only) lap swim times?

During the normal summer hours we have 30 minute in length adult lap swim times on the even hours (12:00, 2:00, 4:00, & 6:00).  During the time Buncombe County Schools are in session and we open at 4:00 we will not begin with an adult lap swim.  On Holiday Days when we are busier than normal we will not have Adult Lap Swim times.  

— Can the pool be warmer?  Colder?  Is it unsafe for me to swim laps since it’s 85?

Fina says competitive water is 77-82 degrees (a temperature most find too cold for a family/kid friendly recreation play pool). Olympics has had water up to 90, but most competitive swimmers would find this hard to train/swim in. Our EARC pool is kept around 84-86 as this is the temperature at which most small children don’t almost immediately have their lips turn blue.

Yes, if you swim laps at some other pools then our water is warmer than you are used to but lap swimmers make up a very small percentage of all users of the pool.  It is not unsafe for you to swim in but just as you would make adjustments to your routine if you were a runner and it was a warmer day than the day before you make an adjustment to your routine as you swim in warmer water.

— Why can’t my child float in the deep end of the pool with their coast guard approved flotation device?

This is one we have tried to find a happy medium on for everyone’s enjoyment and ability of our lifeguards to adequately monitor the pool for all members’ safety. 

By definition, if your child is needing to use the flotation device then they cannot swim or swim at a level where they should not routinely be in water over their heads.  We have tried in the past to let flotation wearing children in the deep when a parent is accompanying their child, but unfortunately many parents fall short on this responsibility.  This also required our guards to try to keep a running tally of “this kid is with that parent, this kid doesn’t have a parent”  etc.  The guards are present for everyone’s safety and need to have their attention focused upon monitoring the pool for everyone’s swimming difficulties and not keeping specific children paired with a specific adult.  Additionally, the deep end by volume is almost twice the size of the area on the other side of the rope and our guards must monitor both the surface and what’s under water.

The happy medium reached is that your child (with their flotation device) can still be in the shallower areas of the pool but not the “deep end”.  This gives them access to approximately 2/3rds of the pool by area but in regions where most of those around them can touch the bottom and immediately come to their aid if they were to have issues with their flotation device.

We have erred on the side of caution to benefit to the majority of our members.  Yes this does not make everyone happy but is required for a communally shared resource such as our pool.

— What Age Can I Leave My Child Unsupervised?

Children 13 years old and older may be left without adult supervision if they have passed Level III swimming or the equivalent.  Parents must come to the front desk to sign in children who will be left unsupervised and must provide updated emergency numbers for that day.  Level III swimmers can do or possess the following skills:  Jump into deep water, head first entry from sitting or kneeling, submerging and retrieving an object, bobbing, survival float for 30 seconds, treading water for 30 seconds, front crawl 15 yards, butterfly 15 feet, back crawl 15 yards, elementary rescues, safe diving, check-call-care.

— Have membership rates increased?  Why?

Yes, there is ~ 3.5% increase across the board this year (2017).  The reasons are two-fold: 1) We have made efforts over the past 3 years to increase our wages incrementally to match those of the surrounding pools to both retain and gain new lifeguards.  2) The ‘lengthening’ of the summer as a result of the local school systems starting school a week and a half to two weeks later has increased our labor costs (in past years these would have been shorter 4 hour days but are now 9 hours in length).  This has increased costs but also allows you an equivalent longer full-time summer season. 

Lastly, please remember our membership rates remain less expensive (adjusted for inflation) than they were 15 years ago – we are doing more with less.

If still frustrated, please also remember our pool stays open weekdays the last half of August when the public pools will be closed!

— Will there be late nights? / Why have late nights decreased in frequency?

Probably so, but as was the case last year if there is not good attendance their frequency will decrease or they will not occur.  Please recall our pool opens earlier and closes later every single day of the summer compared to the local public pools giving our guests an extra 2.5 hours of swim time every single day.  What has been the case in recent years is we keep the pool staffed on late nights so closing procedures can occur but there is often only the same 5 to 7 people in the pool.  The result is 1% of our members account for 5% of the cost of staffing the pool over the course of the summer.

Yes, this is being mindful of the percentages and no one likes to ‘be a number’, but this minding of the budget has allowed EARC to become solvent again in recent years following a long period of financially being in the red.

— Is there a Guest Fee?

Yes.  The guest fee is $10.00.  $5 on late night Fridays.  

New for 2019: Guest fee has been dropped back to $5 as we are at capacity.  If it becomes too crowded due to guest numbers the fee will be reevaluated.

Please note that guests and their accompanying member must register with the front desk upon entering the pool grounds.

— Can a grandparent, nanny, babysitter, neighbor, etc. who watches my kid(s) sometimes be added to my membership so they can bring my child(ren) when I’m at work?

Yes, we allow this – we are family friendly and want your children to enjoy the pool as much as possible.  

We only ask that the single childcare provider be present only with your children (not come in by themselves) and that they leave within 10 – 15 minutes of arrival of either of the parents/guardians listed on the account.  

Just email the board at [email protected] at any time to update child care names.

We will ask for a photo ID to match the childcare provider with the name you’ve provided both for security and insurance purposes.

— Can my monthly membership be converted to a full summer membership?

New in 2019: We no longer offer monthly memberships.

Yes, we allow this – just email the board at [email protected] with your request so your membership information can be updated and pay the price difference the next time you’re at the pool.

— Do my out of town guests/family staying with my family have to pay guests fees?

No they do not.  Our policy is out of town guests are counted as members of your family membership while staying with you and they may accompany you as your guest with no additional fee.  We will still need to record their entry into the pool and will ask for a photo ID to verify address but they will not be required to pay the guest fee.

— Do you have a snack bar?

Yes!  The snack bar has a range of room temp, hot & cold items as well as frozen ice cream treats ranging from pure sugary, salty snack items to healthier fruit cups in juice, cheese and yogurt snacks etc. – we try to cater to everyone.  As a non-profit social club, items are priced for convenience but not to gouge. 

As members you’re also allowed to bring items in from home or have food delivered to you at the pool.

— Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes!  Wi-Fi – it’s password protected and set so each individual user cannot see others utilizing the network.  NEW FOR 2019!  We finally got the cable company to run service to our address.  Our base service is over 400 Mbs down and over 20 Mbs up.  We also have a new wifi mesh network installed with speeds averaging 50 – 60 Mbs down and 20 up around the pool deck and grounds. 

— Are there shady areas around the pool?

Yes!  There’s a number of umbrella​d tables.  We also have two covered pavilions with picnic tables.  There are also a number of shade trees in our grassy areas.  Some members will move a chair from our concrete deck to the shade (we ask that you move back at end of day) while others bring a blanket and set up shop under their own shady tree.  However, the majority of concrete deck is open for sun lovers.  However, the distance from grass/trees to pool is only about 25 feet.