2022 Membership & Rates

We Were Full Again In 2021!

Please email your wait-list requests for the 2022 season to the address below:

Email: [email protected]

As of the evening of May 22nd, 2021 EARC has reached capacity for the upcoming season. If interested in next year, please continue to request addition to the wait list as it rolls over and will position you well for next season.   Everyone on the wait-list will be contacted later regardless of their positioning this year.  Spots have also recently opened up due to people’s surprise need to move later this summer so you may still be contacted after we have announced “full” for the season (if this were the case it would be at a prorated rate dependent upon when a spot opened up).

In general, EARC gives the previous season’s membership first opportunity to rejoin the following year by a certain date (normally mid-March).  After that time, EARC begins offering spots to the wait-list.  The wait-list carries over from year to year and is continually added to as persons contact us year around to be added to it.

Membership Applications/Verification and Payments (normally via PayPal) are executed via email correspondence.

We’re Still the Best Deal In Town!

Your average DAILY price per family is 2 to 3 times less expensive here than the average HOURLY rate for a single child at most day camps – please check it’s true!

Our Rates for the 2021 Season:

Family Membership [1 or 2 Adult(s) w/ child(ren)]: $485

Couple Membership (2 Adult Family): $380

Individual (1 Adult): $275

Please note we are not offering monthly memberships as there has been a waiting list for full memberships the past three seasons.