2021 Application and Payment

We Will Be Full Again In 2021!

Please email your wait-list requests for the 2021 season to the address below:

Email: [email protected]

Post April 1st, we’re working through our wait-list giving each group of names a 4 day period to respond. If all spots aren’t filled we’ll move to the next smaller grouping of names and so forth.

At this time the likelihood of a spot opening for you cannot be accurately forecasted but is slim for this year. However, we can say there is an uptick in membership ‘churn’ due to continued COVID-19 concerns – you should still add yourself to the wait-list (COVID-related hesitancy churn).

If you do not get in this year you’ll be positioned well for next season and everyone on the wait-list will be contacted later regardless of their positioning this year.

There have been recent updates/relaxation to NC’s capacity mandates since the last email and these are covered in posts on this site’s main-page.

We’re Still the Best Deal In Town!

Your average daily price┬áper family is 2 to 3 times less expensive here than the average hourly rate for a single child at most day camps – please check it’s true!

Our Rates for the 2021 Season:

Family Membership [1 or 2 Adult(s) w/ child(ren)]: $485

Couple Membership (2 Adult Family): $380

Individual (1 Adult): $275

Please note we are not offering monthly memberships as there has been a waiting list for full memberships the past two seasons.