Pool Party Information

The following options are available to our members and their guests only!

Looking for a great place to have a birthday party? A corporate get-together? Look no further!! Come and party at the best pool/grounds combo in Asheville.

Daytime Pool Parties

  • 2 hours of pool time and covered picnic space
  • access to pool and all amenities
  • up to 15 non-members
  • great price of $65.00

After Hours Parties (8-10pm)

  • 2 hours of pool time and covered space
  • access to pool and use of new deck area
  • up to 40 folks (members and non-members)
  • half the price of competitors at $200.00
  • can also be scheduled before hours on Sunday’s

To schedule an event:

  1. Before we open for the upcoming season,  please contact our general email for scheduling [email protected]
  2. Fill & return the correct form below
  3. Lock in and confirm your time slot by submitting payment* a minimum of 3 days before for a daytime party and 1 week before for a after hours party (can pay below with PayPal)Failure to do so will automatically cancel your party reservation. * There is $30 non-refundable fee if the party is cancelled for any reason other than weather within the 3 day period for a daytime or within the week for an off-ours party.

Time slot availability can be verified on the Calendar Page  –  remember we can host a maximum of two daytime parties during any overlapping time period and a single after hours party per evening.


EARC During Hours Application

PAY ONLINE TO LOCK IN YOUR SPOT (same time constraints listed above apply to online payments as well)

EARC Party Type