Relaxing COVID Restrictions

State of NC lifted capacity restrictions on outdoor pools today (3/23/2020) to 100% capacity but with keeping both mask and 6 foot social distancing requirements. The new rules are only in effect until April 30th upon which time they will be reevaluated.

We are checking with our local county health department liaison to verify what this means for our pool as our earlier capacity limits were based upon capacity equivalents directly related to the square footage of our pool surface area. Regardless, this is a step in the right direction toward a more normal summer experience.

The previous post detailing time slots and sign ups should be thought of as our baseline (most restrictive) mode of operation. Depending upon the level of capacity increases, the need for sign up slots would decrease to just on weekends & holidays or go away altogether. This would also allow for possibility of daytime parties and guest admission.

As is always the case, if rates of transmission increases in NC, the capacity restrictions could be reinstated/strengthened as well.